“I LOVE IT…..LOVE IT………LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a wonderful…. wonderful soundscape that invites the parasympathetic nervous system, and seeps into the healing of the unconscious mind.
Cameron…..It’s incredible………
I’m so excited about what you have created here.”


“This is the music I want to be hearing  when I die!”


“This is better than silence! And for me to say that means a lot!”


“It’s more than music… it’s an energy field…”


“Just to let you know, we played the maqam songs you sent me for two days straight on the Olympic Peninsula.
Very calming, and they never get old.”
–Thanks, Buck


Good work!
It’s great to see intervalic relationships understood and applied so well.
I wonder how many people even comprehend what’s going on here?
So inured we all are to the tempered intervals.
Yet this is all ancient knowledge — the musicians have been the scientists all along, back before beauty and cultural meaning
were separated from scientific knowledge.
With great respect for your life’s work, and also a friendly hello…
— Stith


I’ve just had the pleasure of taking one week to listen to Cameron Powers’ Soundscapes CD’s. I must admit that I was not impressed in the beginning. CD 1 sounded sharp, flat, out of tune with odd rhythms. I meditated with it, then by the time I went to bed I decided to put it on repeat and give it a try. By morning it was sounding like a language I was beginning to understand. That night felt like the first of a detox cleanse, letting go of sounds that were ‘normal’ and trading them for harmonics that were strange, but never the less, resonated with the core of my being.

I did this for 6 nights, letting my unconscious steep in new sound. As the nights progressed and the CD’s progressed to include more exotic scales the sounds became even less familiar. I needed to listen to CD 4 two nights before going on to 5. By day 3 I was craving the new sounds and curious as to what really might be shifting in me.

I will begin to introduce these new ways of listening to my clients as they are letting go of other old programs. It feels like there is potential to see/hear everything in a new way. Listening to these CD’s is assisting me in cracking out of set patterns that I didn’t even realize
were not working.

Thank you Cameron for your ability to teach us to listen to the world in a more compete and harmonious way.
– BeverLi Joi


I loved the CDs. The music feels familiar.
I dont get tired of hearing it over and over.
Which shows me its high Vibe music!
— Mica


“the next four tracks were another wonderful experience, Cameron!…  …there is a feeling that it organizes
my energy field…”


“It feels like the return of chi energy into my body…”


“Can’t wait, Cameron!
I’m so glad you are doing this work.
I always wondered why I like Indian Ragas and Arabic music so much.
I’m a classically trained musician and piano maker/tuner
and the equal tempered tuning is rough.”


“I love my Soulscapes!”


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